Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the rental agreement?

The rental agreement is for an indefinite period; however, you have the option to buy out the vehicle from us at any stage or opt to purchase the vehicle for R5,000 after 60 months.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, all our vehicles require a minimum deposit, our deposits start from as low as R999.

Can I use the car for ride-hailing?

No, Planet42 cannot be used for ride-hailing because our insurance policy does not cover cars used for this purpose.

I am blacklisted/under debt review. Can you help?

Yes! Please fill in your application HERE to see if you qualify.

I am self-employed. Can you help?

Yes! Just fill in the application HERE to see if you qualify.

How do I apply to see if I qualify?

You are welcome to submit an application through our online web approval form or visit any of our registered dealerships. Results will be available in 1 minute. If your pre-approval is successful, final approval will be subject to an affordability review.

Choosing A Vehicle

Can I trade the vehicle in for an upgraded one?

Yes, you are welcome to approach your selling dealership or any of our partnered dealerships to see if they are willing to buy-out your current rental agreement and upgrade you into something different.
(Your buyout amount is available on your customer portal or you may contact our team at anytime.)

Can I trade my current car in as a deposit towards the new car?

You are welcome to contact any of our partnered dealerships to assist with trading in your vehicle as the deposit is paid directly to the dealer.

Can I buy a car from a private seller?

No, we only purchase vehicles from reputable dealerships.

What type of vehicles do you offer?

We work with a network of hundreds of motor dealers. We will purchase the vehicle of your choice from any of our registered dealerships. There are no limits on model, mileage or year. You can find the list of dealerships HERE.

Found a car at a dealership not listed above? Not a problem? That's awesome! Please contact us at

Ending the agreement

Can I upgrade/swap the vehicle after a while?

You can trade in the vehicle at any time, subject to the conditions of returning the car above. We do not guarantee that you will be successful on your second vehicle application.

Can I return the car?

Yes, the minimum period is 6 months; after that you can return the car any time by paying the cancellation fee equal to one monthly rental payment on the condition your account is up to date.

Can I buy the vehicle that I am renting?

Yes, you can purchase the vehicle from us at any time within the agreement. Alternatively, you have the option to buy the vehicle at the end of the agreement (60 months) for R5,000.

Insurance and Maintenance

Do I get a courtesy car if my vehicle is in for repair?

Unfortunately not.

Who is responsible for maintenance, servicing and licensing?

All maintenance and servicing costs are on your account; this includes your annual licensing of the vehicle.

Does the vehicle have insurance?

Yes, all our vehicles come with fully comprehensive insurance, covering the vehicle for accident, theft or fire.