How it works?

How can Planet42
help you get a car?

Planet42 is providing rent-to-buy car subscription to South African individuals. We give you the opportunity to drive and own any vehicle regardless of age.

3 simple steps to your own car:


Complete an application at one of the dealerships we have partnered with or online here.

We’ll give you a decision in seconds. You then need to share a few verification documents with us (ID, driver’s licence, bank statements) so we can validate your application.


With your application approved, we buy the car of your choice from the dealership and then rent it to you on a subscription basis.

Your monthly flat payment covers the rental as well as comprehensive insurance, GPS tracker and VAT.


You have the option to buy out the car at any time for the buy-out price, which decreases every month.

After renting the car for 5 years (60 months) you automatically have the option to buy it for R5,000. Alternatively, you can continue renting indefinitely. You can also return the car to Planet42 at any time after the first 6 months.

Here’s a more detailed look at how
the application process works:


You submit the application on our website or at one of our affiliated dealerships – results in less than 1 minute!

If your application is approved, we present you with the offer and ask for a few documents (ID, driver’s licence, bank statements). You can proceed with choosing the car you want the most.

After signing the contract, we buy the car from the dealer and rent it to you. You drive the car and make monthly payments to Planet42.

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Here’s a breakdown of what happens once you get the car:

Every month you make a debit-order payment to us for renting the vehicle. The amount you pay is personalized to your requirements and remains the same for as long as you have the vehicle.

You will receive notifications from us reminding you when your next payment is due.

All of our rental rates include comprehensive & third party insurance and a tracker device.

Car maintenance is your responsibility.

Buy or return

The car also has a buyout price – this is the price for you to purchase the car outright. Every month this price goes down, and you can buy the car at any point.

Or, after 60 months of renting, you have the option to buy the vehicle for R5,000.

There is no fixed term for how long you pay the monthly rental fee.

You can return the car at any point after 6 months, paying only a 1-month cancellation fee.

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