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Our mission is to democratise mobility.

Planet42 is a car subscription company for people unfairly ignored by traditional companies like banks. We make a social impact in places where access to mobility is an issue and help people so they can move around quicker and safer. We believe that by tackling physical mobility, and giving people more time and peace of mind to focus on important things like family, career and education, we will bring about social mobility.

Planet42 launched in 2017 as CarGet as a response to the failure of banks to provide financing for millions of South Africans that have to endure a dangerous and inefficient public transport system every day. Since then we have bought more than 2,000 cars for people who would otherwise not have access to a personal vehicle.

Getting a car with us is simple: submit an application and get pre-approved in 1 minute. You can then choose a suitable car at any of the hundreds of car dealerships we work with in South Africa.

After a quick assessment and verification, a contract is signed and we buy your chosen car from the dealership so you can use it on a subscription (rent-to-buy) basis. The monthly rental payments also include comprehensive and mechanical insurance and you can buy the car out or return it at any time.

Apply now for Planet42 rent-to-own subscription. Let’s democratise mobility together.

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Inclusion South Africa (Pty) Ltd trading as Planet42

P.O Box 26403

Monument Park, 0105

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa